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Youha Double Warmer

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Youha Double Warmer

Breast milk is body temperature when baby directly breastfeeding to you. So when you offer expressed breast milk (EBM), babies often prefer bottles of warm milk over cold 🍼 But don’t EVER heat or thaw your EBM with microwave!
Using it to heat breast milk  is a BIG NO as this can destroy some of the nutrients in breastmilk

 When your hungry baby is wailing for a bottle, every second counts ⏰ This YOUHA Double Warmer circulates warm water around bottles or baby food placed inside 🍼🥣Other than that, it can warm up 2 milk bottles at the same time‼️perfect for those who has twins baby

🍼Good quality Polypropylene material
🍼 BPA Free
🍼Warm milk, Heating, pasteurized milk, sterilize function
🍼Multi-functional: Warmer, re-heater, sterilizer, Boil Egg
🍼Large space capactity, suitable to warm different type of milk bottle
🍼Can warm up 2 milk bottles at the same time
🍼Suitable temperature for different purposes:
🍼40°C Keep Warm - This is the optimum temperature for baby milk
🍼70°C Heating - Warm up baby food
🍼100°C Sterilize

 with one year warranty!