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PUKU Glass Standard Neck Feeding Bottle 60ml

RM 26.32 RM 32.90
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PUKU Glass Standard Neck Feeding Bottle


  • Flat Bottom Glass
  • Soft nipple
  • Heat resistance
  • Safe Material
  • Seal tight
  • Tight seal bottle cover - Can seal the nipple and easy to store.
  • Without any leakage even if carry around
  • Natural Breast-shaped nipple design promotes natural latch-on similar to the breast,
    making it easier for your baby to switch between breast and bottle feeding
  • Circle holes nipple
  • 3 holes for milking
  • Slow flowing suitable for newborn
  • High standard import silicone material - made with food grade flexible silicone, odorless and non toxic
  • Circle holes- slow flowing nipple with 3 holes suitable for newborn
  • Anti fall off design - will not fall off even if baby sucks too hard
  • Anti colic design - prevent baby sucking in too much air