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PUKU Antimicrobial Baby Bath Tub

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PUKU Antimicrobial Baby Bath Tub 

  • Easy to clean
  • Drainer at the bottom
  • 'Product Size:80 (L) x 46 (W) X 24 (H) cm
  • Use size:63 (L) X 40 (W) X 24(H) cm

Description :
Looking for a bath tub that is safe to bathe your baby in? Having second thoughts to let your baby bathe in your current tub? PUKU Antimicrobial Baby Bath Tub is what you need to make your baby's bath time more convenient.

  • Wash through before/after each use
  • Do not use hard/ sharp brush which may scratch the surface
  • The drainer at the bottom let water floes smoothly, do not attempt to tip the tub
  • Do not press or hot the surface by force to avoid damaging the tub
  • Keep away from flame and high temperature
  • Discontinue using this tub when damage or crack appeared