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PUKU 5 in 1 Potty Trainer

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PUKU 5 in 1 Potty Trainer

Auxiliary toilet seat can be applied in a variety of sizes of adult toilet use, training children to use the toilet with auxiliary functions
not only her mother installed easily and quickly, and children can feel safe use and comfort.
More emphasis on the material safety reasons, the use of non-toxic tough plastic material manufacturing, and have intimate slip design,
is both safe and effective use of aesthetic and auxiliary toilet seat.
Seat - plastic, temperature 120 degrees C.
Grip - Rubber (green material), temperature 90 degrees C.
1 Suitable for: Age 10 months or more, weight 50 kg less children.
2 product breakage, do not use and replace it.
3 Before use, please put the toilet seat toilet seat does indeed have been fixed before use so that children use.
4 When placed on the toilet seat in use, by an adult to help children get.
5 Do not place near fire or high temperatures.