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PIGEON Softtouch Peristaltic Plus Wide-Neck Nipple - 2 Pieces (SS) [Twin Pack]

RM 30.80
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Pigeon Softtouch Peristaltic Plus Wide-Neck Nipple 

Product Description:
- Textured surface allows baby to latch on easily and securely
- 100% silicone nipple; super soft and flexible, allows natural and smooth tongue movement
- Air Ventilation System (AVS™) reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic

A research-based innovation designed to enable baby to replicate natural sucking pattern learned at the breast. It caters to the 3 key steps when a baby sucks: Latching On, Peristaltic Tongue Movement and Swallowing. By having a smooth transition between feeding from breast to bottle, mums need not worry for the issue of nipple confusion.

- Nipple is of perfect shape and size to fit into the sucking fossa of baby
- Inner vertical lines strengthen the structure of nipples; making it collapse-resistant
- Sterilization Method: Boiling, Steam, Chemical
- Material: Silicone rubber