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Kuku Duckbill PPSU Standard Feeding Bottle-280ml With M Size Teat [KU5861]

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KU.KU Duckbill PPSU range is made of FDA compliant food-contact grade and medical grade material.

PPSU (Polyphenylene Sulfone) does not contain any hormone disrupting chemicals (Bisphenol A), perfect and safe for your precious little one ! PPSU stands up to 200℃(392℉) to repeated sterilization and prevents odor or color absorption.

PPSU gives you the best features of glass and plastic combined; BPA-free and lightweight.

Our nipple is made from soft food-grade liquid silicone, which is odorless, colorless and stainless.

The unique air vent helps reduce colic and offers closest feeling to the natural breast feeding.


1)Safe and New Material:
PPSU materials are from the Solavy USA who is the world's largest manufacturers supply PPSU.

2)Conformed to F.D.A. Standards:
PPSU bottles are made from polyphenylsulfone resin which is in line with the US FDA and absolutely free of Bisphenol A

3)High temperature resistant:
PPSU is with excellent impact and strength resistant, and the light and tough bottle will not break easily or deform.

4)It passed SGS BPA Free test:
Passed Test by SGS TAIWAN, Comply with BS EN14350

5)Soft nipple, not easy to be torn:
As a leader of using the rated 20 hardness which is supple and best suitable for your little one. The nipple is made from medical and food grade liquid silicone  which is a high purity platinum cured silicone. It features odorless, colorless and stainless quality. Collaborating with the unique design of the first ever patented horizontal cut ventilated valve. Provides the closest feeling to the natural breast feeding.


1)Rinse all parts thoroughly after each use. Sterilize all parts in boiling water for 5 minutes.
2)Check your nipples often for signs of wear and tear, throw away the nipple if it cracks, tears, or breaks.