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Coby Foldable 8+2 Premium Fence

RM 499.00
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Lots of mothers should have experience greatly that the baby under the age of 2 is always crawling around at home. Children seemed to have endless energy to explore the world, they also have no sense of security and the body ability to control is still in development.


The Coby Haus Play Fence can provide the children a safety and recreational space.
[ Features ]
• Extra thick panel (3.6cm)
• Large anti-slip base
• Taller fence height (64cm)
• Quality is assured with International Standards Worldwide (ASTM)
• Tough top & bottom column twin spin-lock
• Extra safety- twin-lock door system
• Super strong built
• 360 rotation columns
• Elegant modern design
• Interactive activity board
• Colour: Mixture of colour

[ Recommended Age ]

From 3 months & Above