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BB Diapers (S/M/L/XL)

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BB Diapers (S/M/L/XL)

Product Description
The first things in life that happens will always have a magical significance to it. Whether will your little one called daddy or mummy first? Or, when will be the day they take their first steps on their own? It will be a memorable one. We want your child to have a memorable childhood, and a pleasant parenthood experience for yourself.

Bb Diapers® is the first Malaysian-made diapers that manufactures our diapers in a Clean Room facility—a strict hygiene management that prevents any dust and dirt from the outside environment to enter the premise by implementing mandatory "air showers" at the plant entrance. Before sealing the pack, Bb Diapers® goes through up to 3 levels of quality control sections with highly sensitive sensors during the production process to maintain optimum quality.

We are also the first Malaysia diaper brand to introduce the use of new Special Absorbent Layer Technology— as the base of the Bb Diapers® which provides 30% more absorption than traditional Wood Pulp absorbent, and weights lighter that will provide tender comfort, without restricting the movement of your little one


Super Thin - more breathable and lighter weight, so the baby can move around more freely

Super Absorption - Using world-leading technology of 100% SAP core to allow more and faster absorption

Super Dry - Decrease the possibility of nappy rash and the baby will feel comfortably dry all day long

Super Comfortable - Using world-leading raw materials to provide a softer surface for the baby’s delicate skin

Super Fit – Great fitting design to allow your baby to move freely as they like without any worry of leaking!

Available in 4 sizes:

S (4 - 8kg) 54 pieces

M (6 - 11kg) 48 pieces

L (9 - 14kg) 44 pieces

XL (12 - 17kg) 40 pieces